3 Simple Methods to Get More Traffic to Your Website and Make More Sales


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If you are a blogger or internet marketer chances are that you could use some more traffic to your website.

After all, more traffic = more money.

Or does it?

The reality is that traffic by itself is worthless. You can write an article that gets over 50,000 visitors from StumbleUpon…but all those visitors will do you almost no good. Why?

Because you don’t need traffic, you need an audience. You want engaged readers who will share your posts, subscribe to your email list, and buy your stuff. And all the untargeted traffic in the world isn’t going to do that.

So how do you go about getting targeted traffic? It’s simple, but it certainly isn’t sexy.

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Are You a Writer or a Dreamer?

Writing with Ink

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I first discovered my love of reading when I was just a kid.

A friend introduced me to The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe and for the first time I was drawn into another world. A world full wonder, adventure, and heroics. A world which swept me up into a grand story that awakened my imagination. I quickly devoured the whole Narnia series and then kept looking for more books to read.

I have been an avid reader since that day. There is not much I would rather do than sit with a good book and lose myself in the story. Read more ›

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Are You Missing This Ancient Secret to Building a Thriving Blog Audience?

The ancient world understood the secret to building a large audience of loyal readers.

This concept is found in various forms in documents going back as far as 4000 years. It is written in laws and philosophical texts. Buddha, Confucius, and Jesus all taught it to their followers.

The most important thing you must do if you want to be an influential blogger is contained in these ancient teachings.

Call it Karma, Reciprocity or the Golden Rule. Read more ›

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How Can A Freelance Writer Benefit From Creating Flash Fiction Stories?

One of the hallmarks of a great writer is the ability to create compelling content that immediately grabs the attention of the reader.

This is true in practically any type of writing, whether it is for magazines, corporate clients, or your own blog or website. The writer who fails to keep the reader intrigued will have a hard time finding anyone who will pay for his work. Not if he wants to earn more than $5 for 500 words. And you can’t build a serious writing business at those rates.

Flash fiction is a great exercise in writing engaging content that reels the reader in and keeps him hooked all the way to the end. It is a complete story in under 1000 words.Good flash fiction has to start with a bang, raise the level of conflict, and bring everything to a satisfying close as quickly as possible.

Here are some ways flash fiction can benefit the freelance writer Read more ›

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How to Conquer Procrastination, Overcome Fear, and Achieve Your Dreams

You’re doing it again.

You have wild dreams in your head of being an A-list blogger, who is able to put out epic content on command, with a huge and loyal audience of fans and customers who will eagerly pay you for your work.

And so you sit down to write.

But there’s a problem. You’ve read sites like Think Traffic, which insist that in order to make it online you have to produce Epic Content on a regular basis.

And you don’t think your ideas are epic enough.

So you procrastinate. Read more ›

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What Does It Take To Be a Well Paid Freelance Writer?

As a new freelance writer one of my biggest hold-ups is the fear that my writing isn’t good enough to get paid good rates for it. If I stop to think about it for a minute I realize that this is complete rubbish.

For one thing, It’s very easy for me to be overly critical of my own abilities. This is a trap that many writers and would be entrepreneurs fall in to. We underestimate our value. In fact, this holds true for most people. We really are our own worst critics. Read more ›

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How To Effectively Communicate Your Marketing Message With Your Business Blog

Have you ever read a blog post and wondered what message the writer was trying to get across?

Many times a blog post will ramble on about irrelevant topics and will only serve to confuse the reader. Or, at the very least, the reader will lose interest and hit the back button.

Have you ever scrutinized your own blog posts to decide whether your message is coming across clearly? Or maybe you’ve put together a post without even having a message in mind in the first place? Here is a checklist that can help you to clearly communicate your message with your blog readers: Read more ›

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What Is The Standard Rate For Freelance Writing?

The internet is flooded with “freelance writers” who believe that the standard rate for a 500 word article is $5.

I don’t know about you, but I certainly would not want to promote my business with content in which only $5 worth of effort was invested.

And yet, I often see people on forums who are convinced that it is impossible for a writer to earn more than this, at least when they are first starting out. Attempts to correct this false belief are often met with extreme skepticism. After all, who would pay more than that when there are many writers on freelance job sites who are more than willing to work for such rates?

Only someone who cares about the quality of the content they are outsourcing. Read more ›

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