How To Create More Freedom In Your Home Business

Would you like to create more freedom in your home business?

In this video I share how to add high leverage activities into your business by attracting people to you instead of chasing prospects day after day.​


How To Create More Freedom In Your Business With Attraction Marketing

I started my home business because I wanted to create more freedom in my life.

Freedom to spend more time with my wife and children.

Freedom to not have to rely on a job for my income.

Freedom to live a life I love and help more people.

Freedom from financial worry and stress.

And I never thought that doing the things that most network marketers do sounds like freedom.

There's 2 key things to think about when it comes to creating more freedom in your business...

1. Is It Duplicatable

Is the method you're using duplicate? Will your team be able to take it and produce results?

The truth is, all of the methods work:

  • Face to face prospecting works
  • Social media marketing and prospecting works
  • Blogging works
  • Video marketing works

You can get leads and sales using any of these methods, and so can your downline.

The question is, what are people more willing to do?

​Is your team more likely  to consistently take action by reaching out to 100 people on their list and keep growing that list everyday by starting conversations with complete strangers?

Is your team more likely to​ continue to follow up with prospects over and over again who say their interested but never commit?

Is your team going to be willing to go pick up people to attend meetings in a hotel or a home meeting?

Will your team drive 15 miles to hold a meeting, and still be willing to do it again when they get there and the meeting doesn't take place after all? (This is a real story I just heard from a friend.)​

Or is your team more likely to put short little videos online day after day until they get results with it?

Because as scary ​video marketing is, it's still easier than going out and prospecting strangers and bugging friends and family.

And if they won't do video, they may be willing to do audio only or even written blogs.​

Different methods are a fit for different personalities.

As the leader of your team it's your job to help your people with the method that is best suited for THEM.​

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2. Does It Scale Well?

We all love leverage in network marketing. It's one of the key benefits this industry offers.

The problem I see with prospecting is that it doesn't scale well. It's a low leverage activity.

If you are working a job, have a family and also have other obligations then there's only so many people you can talk to in a day.

And even if you get to the point where you can quit your job you are still limited by time in how many 1-on-1 conversations you can have.

But attracting an audience to you can scale really well.

Think about it. Each video you upload to YouTube, each Live Video you do, each blog post you write will live on the internet for a long time.

People can continue to find your content for years and years. 

I hear from every top earner online that they are still generating leads and sales from videos and blog posts they did years ago.

If you just focus on putting out valuable content to the marketplace and getting that content in front of the right people your audience will grow and each message you publish will reach more people!

Plus, content creators are perceived as experts so when you do this you will brand yourself as an authority.

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