This Makes Me MAD! (Why I Was Stuck For 9 Years In My Business)

Have you ever been in a bad situation in your life where you felt stuck in a bad situation?

Maybe you were in a job you hated. You might be there now.

Or perhaps you didn't hate your job, but it didn't provide at the level you wanted or needed for your family.

I've been in those situations and there's something about it that makes me really mad! Watch the video below for my story...


How To Get Angry Enough To Change Your Life

I spent 9 years of my life learning about online marketing to make money from home.

I read forums...


Watched videos...

Joined free courses...

Bought paid courses...

I learned every method under the sun for making money online:


Forum marketing..

Video marketing...

Social media marketing...

Network Marketing...​


Email marketing...

And so much more.

Do you know how much results I got out of all of that?

Much less than I put into it. And that makes me mad.

I knew what to do. The knowledge I have is good, solid knowledge proven to work in just about any industry.

But I didn't take consistent focused action on ONE method until I got results with that ONE method. 

I'd try something for awhile and get frustrated pretty quickly when it didn't seem to be working, or it was harder than I expected.

So I jumped online to search out the newest method for making some moohlah online.

Have you ever done this? It's often called Shiny Object Syndrome.

And for 9 years I had a chronic case of it.

And as a result my family suffered for 9 years. The whole reason I wanted to learn online marketing was to make a better life for my family.

But instead we struggled with finances for 9 years.

So I'm mad at myself for allowing my poor mindset to hold me back from all I could achieve and allowing my family to struggle for it.

But I'm channeling that anger to a good cause.

This year I've dedicated myself to changing things. I'm working on my mindset because that is the most important key to success.

And I'm actually implementing the strategies I've been learning over the last 9 years.

I'm laser focused on using online marketing to grow my business in network marketing. 

I'm also dedicated to help you get results in your business with these proven methods.

Are You Mad At Yourself?​

If you're feeling stuck in your life or your business you should be mad at yourself. Maybe you've blamed your situation, or the job market, or other people...

But when you do that you give away all your personal power to make a change.

Life isn't about what happens to you. It's about what you do with your circumstances that matter.

Every successful person I know has gone through struggle, defeat, failure, and frustration. Many of them had bad childhoods and people constantly telling them they couldn't succeed.

But the took it upon themselves to change their situation and didn't give up until they figured it out.

If you're stuck, it's up to you to get unstuck.

If you're ready to do that I've partnered with my mentor Ferny to offer a free course for building your network marketing business online. Ferny is responsible for over $11 million in his home business and as a coach and trainer has helped people generate over $100 million online.

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