How To Persuade More Of Your Prospects To Say Yes To You

Would you like to learn how to get more of your prospects to say yes to you?

In this video I share a simple strategy proven by science to ethically convince more people to say yes to your offer.


The Science Of Persuasion

Did you know there is a science to sales and persuasion? It's a branch of psychology dedicated to finding out why people are influenced to do certain things.

Like say "yes" to a sales message...

Researchers have identified several key "laws of influence" that marketers and sales agents tap into everyday to get more people to buy from them.

​Now, it certainly is possible to use these tactics in a slimy way to get more people to buy things they don't need...

But ​every good marketer knows that the real secret to sales is helping people.

Sales is all about providing a solution to a problem and getting that solution in front of the right person...

And positioning the offer in a way the help the prospect see how it will benefit them.

That's where knowing the laws of persuasion help.

​If you're offering an amazing product you might think that the product should just sell itself, right?

Well, that would certainly be nice.

But your prospect doesn't know how amazing the product is! It's up to you to show them!​

So today we're just going to focus on just one of the laws of persuas​ion to ethically convince more of your prospects to say yes!

​The Law Of Consistency

​The Law of Consistency states that people want to act in a consistent manner.

If they've previously made a decision, they are more likely to make similar decisions, especially in the near future.

​For example, researchers found that most people in a neighborhood were unwilling to put a wooden sign in their yard supporting a safe driving campaign...

Yet in a nearby neighborhood they were able to convince 4 times more people to put the same sign up.


In this neighborhood the residents had agreed 10 days earlier to put a small postcard in their front window supporting the safe driving campaign.

This much smaller commitment paved the way to them later agreeing to the larger commitment of putting up the sign in their yard.​

So how can you use the law of consistency in your network marketing (or other) business?

By getting your prospect to say yes early on in the sales process, even if it's to something extremely simple.

For instance, when I post a link to my blog on facebook I generally start with a question like this:

Would you like to learn how to get more of your prospects to say yes to you?

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​This question is something you should be saying "yes" to in your head if you are part of my target market.

Then when you click on the link you are saying "yes" again because you're interested in learning more.

And every line of text you read you continue to say yes, because if you weren't interested in what I have to say you'd just click away from my site, right?

And somewhere in the post I will invite you to click​ a link for a free guide on how to build your business from home.

And of course you're going to sign up if you can see the benefit of this free training!

And that's really just the beginning of building the relationship I'm building with you, all because I got you saying "yes, yes, yes".

And if you want to learn more about how to attract your perfect prospect you and get them saying "yes, yes, yes" feel free to join the free 10 day online recruiting bootcamp I offer here.

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