This Makes Me MAD! (Why I Was Stuck For 9 Years In My Business)

Have you ever been in a bad situation in your life where you felt stuck in a bad situation?

Maybe you were in a job you hated. You might be there now.

Or perhaps you didn't hate your job, but it didn't provide at the level you wanted or needed for your family.

I've been in those situations and there's something about it that makes me really mad! Watch the video below for my story...

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How To Use Automation To Grow Your Business

Do you ever feel like you're spinning your wheels when it comes to growing your business?

Like your spending all your time prospecting, following up with people, attending meetings...

When part of the reason you started your business in the first place was so you could have MORE time for family, friends, and the things you enjoy doing?

Today I'm going to share with you how you can use automation to work smarter, not harder, in growing your business and following up with prospects.

Plus, you get to watch me try to imitate a robot...

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How to Eliminate FRUSTRATION and OVERWHELM From Your Business and Guarantee Results

Have you ever felt frustrated and overwhelmed with your network marketing business?

Maybe because you didn't know what you should be doing and you didn't get enough direction from your upline...

Or maybe you were doing everything you were trained to do but you just weren't getting any results...

Perhaps you were reaching out to friends and family, but they either showed no interest or they were interested but there was always something getting of the way of them signing up...

In today's post I'll share some simple strategies for taking the frustration out of your business and guaranteeing results. 

First watch the video below which is from day 6 of my 30 Day FB Live video marketing challenge, then continue to read on below:

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How To Build Your Business Without Bugging Friends and Family

Welcome to Day 1 of my Facebook Live video marketing challenge.

I recorded this video yesterday on April 1, 2017 but I didn't get around to posting it on my blog until today. Generally I'll try to do the blog on the same day that I record the video but yesterday I was at my in-laws house for my niece's birthday party.​

I'm doing this challenge for a few reasons, mainly to share what I'm learning and doing with you to help you get more results in your network marketing business.

In this video I share how to grow your business without bugging friends, family, and random uninterested strangers you meet at the grocery store or coffee shop.​

Go ahead and watch it below:​

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