How To Use Automation To Grow Your Business

Do you ever feel like you're spinning your wheels when it comes to growing your business?

Like your spending all your time prospecting, following up with people, attending meetings...

When part of the reason you started your business in the first place was so you could have MORE time for family, friends, and the things you enjoy doing?

Today I'm going to share with you how you can use automation to work smarter, not harder, in growing your business and following up with prospects.

Plus, you get to watch me try to imitate a robot...


I think I look like a very angry robot here...​

How To Build An Automated Sales Funnel To Save Time And Connect With More People

​We live in a time when more and more jobs are being replaced by automation. This is a trend that will only continue as technology continues to advance.

The good news is that you can leverage the power of automation in your own home business, and it's not as hard or as expensive as you might think.

Automation is about more than just robots and drones. You can use automation right from your computer to help simplify common tasks and save time.

For instance, if you're using social media marketing there are tools that you can use to schedule out your posts in advance. So you can sit down for maybe 30 minutes and schedule out posts for a whole week.​

But where the real power of automation kicks in is with an automated sales funnel using email marketing.

​What Is A Sales Funnel And Why Do You Need One?

​Every business has a funnel. A sales funnel is simply a process for guiding people toward your desired income, such as purchasing a product, service, or joining a business opportunity.

Before I get into what an online automated funnel looks like, I want to share what a common offline funnel looks like for network marketers.

You probably haven't heard this described as a funnel, but that is exactly what it is...

First, you were probably instructed to make a list of 100 people. Then you were encouraged to start reaching out to these people about your product or business.

This is the top of an offline sales funnel. The goal of the conversation isn't to get them into your business right now, it's to find out if they are or could be interested.

Here's where most new network marketers make a common mistake. They think they need to get people into the business right now, but again the only goal at this stage is to filter these people by interest level. If the prospect is not interested they are outside your funnel and you don't need to waste time trying to convince them or change their mind.

This is how relationships get burned by network marketers.​

​Instead, move on to the next person to see if they have any level of interest.

Some of your prospects will be more interested than others. You might find someone who's ready to sign up right then and there, but for the most part your prospects will need a little more encouragement. They may be interested but skeptical.

For these people you might invite them to a meeting, a 3 way call, a home party, etc. If they say no but still seem interested you can follow up with them later to see if they are ready to come to a meeting.

When a prospect does come to a meeting, they have moved deeper into your funnel. It takes a high level of interest to agree to come to one of these meetings.

Once they become a customer or rep they have moved very deep within the funnel, but that's still not the end of the process. If they are a customer you might follow up with them later to see if they are interested in other products or in becoming a rep.

If they join as a rep you will continue to follow up to help them build their business and get off to a good start. Otherwise, they could give up on their business and leave your funnel.

So the end desired result is a rep or customer who stays loyal and continues to bring volume to your business month after month.

Each step of the funnel is designed to guide qualified prospects to those points AND filter out the people who aren't interested so you don't have to waste your time with them.

How Online Sales Funnels Work

An online sales funnel functions very similarly to the offline funnel we just covered.

​The primary goal of an online funnel is to attract targeted web traffic to your offer and guide that traffic toward your desired outcome while filtering out the bad traffic.

There's a lot in that run-on sentence so let me break it down:

Traffic: People​.

Sometimes it's easy to forget that every "hit" on your website  is a person who was just exposed to your content. ​ We are looking to attract people who need your solution.

Targeted Traffic:​ People who are a good fit for your product, service, business opportunity, etc. If they have no interest  in what you have or would be a bad fit for your team because of personality or other reasons, that is untargeted or bad traffic.

How does bad traffic hit your site? There could be a lot of reasons but one is if someone searches in Google or another search engine for a term that isn't related to what you offer, but your site still manages to come up. 

So, how do you effectively guide interested people to your offer? 

That's a great question. I'm glad you asked. 

It starts with your valuable content. This content can be in the form of blog posts, videos, podcasts, etc.

I'm always trying to create content designed to add value to my target market. So I try to teach my audience something that will help them that will move them closer to their goal.

Then I scatter Calls to Action (CTAs) throughout the content and also always at the end of the content as well.

These CTAs invite the reader (or video viewer) to check out a free guide, report, checklist, worksheet, training course, or any other type of content that will be valuable to them if they are in my target market.

This is called a lead magnet and I give it away in exchange for the person's name and email address.​

Click here to see how this works and get access to my free 10 day recruiting bootcamp.

(See what I did there?)​

​By offering this upgrade you are allowing your audience to sort themselves deeper into your funnel. If they are interested enough they will be  willing to give their personal information in exchange for your free offer.

​Here's where the automation kicks in. In my example I'm sending the free 10 day bootcamp and it's completely automated. I have it set up so you automatically get each email without me having to do anything!

This makes it much easier to continue building a relationship by sending even more valuable content to your inbox, and my system does it for me even if I'm sleeping or spending time with my family.

Can you see the leverage this can add to your business?

And as more people sign up to my email list I will be able to write one email and send it to everyone at the same time!

Imagine having an email list of 1,000, 10,000, or even more people and being able to get your message in front of all those people with one email.

With each email I send I continue to add value, build the relationship with my subscriber, and brand myself as an authority and leader.

Over time some of these email subscribers convert to customers and team members​.

To learn ​more about how to implement this strategy take a look the free 10 day Attraction Marketing Formula Bootcamp.

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